Jeux Sans Frontières




Jeux Sans Frontières (JSF) is a transdisciplinary platform, working on the conjunction of art, theory and politics. Besides producing and curating events, discussions, film screenings and artworks, JSF irregularly produces a paper magazine on art, social movements and critical theory, believing on the power of printed matter. Thought of as an object to circulate, the magazine is thus carried around and used as a trigger to generate more discussion. JSF takes its name from the European TV show Jeux Sans Frontières – the longest transmission in the history of television co-production.Up until now JSF magazine had two editions: one on the themes of the construction of Europe from the viewpoint of exclusion and the Schengen borders and of south-north migration and the other, still in production, gathers a series of texts on micropolitical practices of resistance and invention throughout Europe and beyond. It has as framework the “Crisis of Everything Everywhere,” (mainly the current political and financial crisis in Europe) which is also the name of the event in which Sandra Lang and Ana Bigotte Vieira collaborated for the first time (16 Beaver Group, January 2012, NYC).


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