Jeux Sans Frontières

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Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013


From Sept. 24th—29th (Lisboa) and Oct 6th—9th (Marseille), there will be daily radio podcasts with the expedition’s artists.

Schedule (daily upload at 7:30pm):

TUE—Sept. 24: Malose Malahlela
WED—Sept. 25: Valeria Schwarz
THU—Sept. 26: Jane Garver
FRI—Sept. 27: Lucas Norer
SAT—Sept. 28: Tunnelmusik

SAT—Oct. 5: Wolfgang Dorninger
SUN—Oct. 6: François Sardi
MON—Oct. 7: Ana B. Vieira & Sandra Lang
TUE—Oct. 8: Maiden Monsters
WED—Oct. 9: Complete Series


—FM Transmitter 8 Watts
—Laptop for Streaming
—Laptop for Playback
—Audiomixer Mackie VLZ 1404
—Microphones and Stands
—Audiorecorder portable

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