Jeux Sans Frontières

  1. Magazine JSF #2, a proposal


    by Ana Bigotte Vieira and Sandra Lang

    With Jeaux Sans Frontières #2 (JFS #2 ) we intend to point out the singularity of local practices, the interwovenness of struggles in a globalized world, and to emphasize the continuity between what was going on before 2011 and what is going on now. The magazine will therefore have a local focus regrouping contributions from one city plus a part with contributions from different countries such as Morocco, USA, Italy, Switzerland etc. The magazine as a physical object will be made to travel, to bring those experiences from one place to another and to discuss them. Read More

  2. Index of collaborations

    * magazine JSF#2 is currently being edited.



    Sandra Lang, Ana Bigotte Vieira, Editorial

    Affect Group (USA), On becoming undeniable 

    Luhuna Carvalho (Portugal), Metropolis, Community, Resistence

    Horacio Peres (Chile), A presence of Absence

    Marianne Maeckelbergh, Horizontal Decision-making without Horizontality?

    Hugo Maia (Portugal/ Morocco), Social Protests in Morocco and the so-called Arab Spring

    Gigi Agyropoupolous (Greece), 24 Hours in Embros

    Rita Natálio interviews Paula Vandal Kossatz  (Portugal/Brasil), Of what can’t be reduced to abstract “masses” (on recent demonstrations in Brazil)

    Marta Lança (Portugal