Jeux Sans Frontières

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    excerpt of a talk at Spielart Wake-up festival, Munchen, November 2013 by Ana Bigotte Vieira

    Desbarato, an urban intervention collectively started by Ana Bigotte Vieira, Sandra Lang, graphic designer Marco Balesteros  (all of us as part of the editorial and performative project Jeux Sans Frontières at Lisbon Trienal of Architecture/ SOund Development City Summer 2013 Expedition) and graphic designer Isabel Lucena, together with a series of other people such as António Guterres (Urban Transitions/StressFm), Patrícia Almeida and David Guéniot from Ghost editorial collective, Fernanda Eugénio (And_Lab), Sofia Neuparth (cem-centro em movmento) and Silvia Pinto Coelho (salganhada /Rossio acampada Arts and Culture Group), among other collaborators/accomplices.

    Corpus Christi quarter at Rua dos Fanqueiros, Lisboa

    Corpus Christi quarter at Rua dos Fanqueiros, Lisboa

    Conceived as a collective research-action, Desbarato aims at investigating and calling attention to the processes of gentrification Lisbon has been going through in the last couple of years – especially since Troika´s intervention. As it is well known, real estate speculation was at the very core of this crisis and, at least in the Portuguese case (the so called “troika good student”), one of austerity’s outputs was to enable the massive transference of real estate and infrastructures to foreign global capital (such as banks and investment funds).  Outstanding austerity’s student, Portugal is selling out public services almost for anything through privatizations and privates who have lost their jobs, cannot afford taxes or need urgent money are selling out private goods (often real estate) for very low prices. Actually, major alterations to real estate legislation were part of Troika’s first memorandum. Read More

  2. FID Marseille: Screening and discussion, BAB CEPTA, Pedro Pinho/Frederico Lobo

    Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013


    Chers Tous,
    Le documentaire BAB SEPTA, tourné en 2008 trouve un écho dramatique dans les tragiques événements qui touchent régulièrement, et encore durant ces derniers jours, l’Ile de Lampedusa en Italie.

    Bab Sebta signifie en arabe « la porte de Ceuta ». C’est le nom du passage situé à la frontière entre le Maroc et Ceuta, l’endroit vers où convergent tous ceux qui, venus de différentes régions d’Afrique, cherchent à émigrer en Europe. Ce lieu est symbolique de la possibilité de mener une vie meilleure ou être condamné à rester sur le continent noir. Le film Bab Sebta parcourt quatre villes africaines à la rencontre de ces voyageurs et de leurs rituels d’attente. Read More

  3. At the radiobus

    Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013


    From Sept. 24th—29th (Lisboa) and Oct 6th—9th (Marseille), there will be daily radio podcasts with the expedition’s artists.

    Schedule (daily upload at 7:30pm): Read More

  4. JSF at Équitable Café, Marseille

    Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013

    La revue Jogos Sem Fronteiras #1 (JSF#1) à été éditée pour la première fois en 2007, en portugais, avec comme thématique les “camps d’Europe”, abordant notamment les migrations sur l’axe sud nord et la construction d’une identité européenne avec comme fondement la construction d’un “Autre” basée sur la matérialisation de mécanismes d’exclusion représentés pas les accords de Schengen.

    Aujourd’hui, 7 ans après la parution de JSF#1 nous avons évolué vers une crise profonde de la démocratie représentative et de nouvelles frontières sont nées à l’intérieur de l’Europe et même à l’intérieur des états européens


  5. Mapping Lisbon gentrification processes

    Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013



    Together with urban geographers Transições Urbanas and graphic designer Marco Balesteros we worked on the crafting of a map. We wanted to map out the huge transformations the city of Lisbon is currently going trough.

    Just in downtown area, the so-called ‘Baixa Pombalina’ around 13 hotels are being made and there is a plan for more than 30 hotels for the entire downtown part of the city. Evicting older inhabitants there is a process of so-called mega gentrification going on, with global corporations acquiring entire blocks for speculative purposes. Read More

  6. Independent Publishers Bookfair – LISBOA TRIENAL of Architecture

    Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013


    In reaction to the fact that several important Lisbon bookstores and publishing houses are closing doors and a new scene of independent political/artistical publishers is popping up, we have launched a bookfair and invited independent publishers to join us at the Trienal courtyard.

    This event is thought to allow a meta-reflection about our own project of JFS#2 Magazine. The idea of the fair is connected to the geographical location of the Trienal space itself, which is located in the same area in which the traditional “feira da ladra” (literally translated, “the fair of the thieves” which is actually the famous Lisbon flea market) takes places. Read More