Jeux Sans Frontières

Newsroom/Ballroom LISBOA SETEMBRO 13

Jeux Sans Frontières at Sound Development City Summer Expedition 2013




The idea of installing a newsroom/ballroom was coming from the theme of this years Sound Development City expedition moto “dancingpartners” between other considerations.  Our magazine project infact, takes it’s title from a kind of ridicoulos pseudo-olimipic games tv broadcasting show, the Jeux sans Frontieres, Jogos sem fronteiras, Games without borders. We knew we’d need to have a room to work on the redaction of the magazine and we wanted to give this room a kind of performative quality, setting up our workspace with scenographical elements. But first we were looking for a gym to recall this story of the competition and play. We found the Inatel mouraria space, with it’s old gym and outdoor socker field on the (sixth floor of a 12th century building!). Then we imaginend to set up the space in order to be for us and for the people who would help us (at the beginning we thought also for the other artists of sdc) a actual workingspace, an office. We were working from Inatel on the redaction of the magazine JSF #2, on the translated abstract of JSF #1 and of course on the organisation of our book fair we were preparing those days. Our dancing partners in Inatel were different persons who used the space together with us: First of all our graphic designer Marco Balestreros (Letra), who became a real adventure companion during those Lisbon days, then other people who joined JFS more or less spontaniously and helped us a lot in the realization of the fair, as Tiago Mendes (our co-producer of the fair) , Bruno Caracol (one of the artists presenting a piece at the fair), Joaõ Patricio, DJ Single (the responsable for sonic entertainment during the afternoon of the fair), Nuno Leaõ, informal memeber of the editorial board came to read the texts for the magazine, that started to arrive from a bit all over the world.





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