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Since they met in 2011 in New York, Ana Bigotte Vieira and Sandra Lang had been curating a series of small-scale discursive and performative events around arts and politics usually involving other artists or theorist. In their events and workshops, they touched issues such as the performative aspects of actual protest forms, the political aspects of archives and memory, the global financial crisis and its political consequences. In 2012 they have decided to re-activate Jeux Sans Frontières project, in a partnership with Buala – post colonial contemporary culture website. Recently they have met graphic designer Marco Balesteros which has became “Jeux Sans Frontières“ new member team.



SANDRA LANG  is a theorist and a bowmaker. Having a background in craft, theory and art, she worked as a Violinmaker in Italy, Belgium and France, currently she lives in Zurich. She is currently doing her Masters degree (MA of Fine Arts, Mention Theory) at Zurich Universitiy of the Arts after having concluded her BA degree in theory at the same institution. She studied violinmaking in Italy, worked later in Belgium and France as a bowmaker. She works in the field of art and politics and participated 2012 at projects with the 16 Beaver group in New York and with Fabrica Frenética Estontecnica at “Truth is concrete” (Steirischer Herbst Graz). In her theoretical work she mainly focuses on space theories, French and Italian philosophy, writing about Foucault, Bataille, Agamben, and others.

ANA BIGOTTE VIEIRA PhD candidate in Contemporary Culture at Universidade Nova de Lisboa for which she has received a grant from Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal. Vieira was a Visiting Scholar at NY Performance Studies Department from 2009 to 2012. She graduated in Modern and Contemporary History at the Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE), and holds a Post-graduate degree in Contemporary Culture at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Vieira is a member of the Theory and Aesthetics Research Group of Centro de Estudos de Teatro, University of Lisbon and of the Institute of Contemporary History. She has been a Guest Lecturer at Rutgers University (NYC),  ZhdK (Zurich), ISCTE (Lisbon), ESAD (Caldas da Rainha) and ETIC (Lisboa). She has worked as a teatre and dance dramaturge and her articles have been published in Le Monde Diplomatique, idança, Sinais de Cena, revistaPUNKTO, among others. Vieira has translated Giorgio Agamben, Maurizio Lazzarato, Luigi Pirandello, Mark Ravenhill, Annibale Ruccello and Spiro Scimone. She received a Dwight Conquergood Free Registration Award at PSi # 17, in Utrecht and is co-curator of Generative Indirections | Psi Regional Research Cluster/ founding member of BALDIO. She is co-editor of the magazine Jogos Sem Fronteiras. Together with Sandra Lang she has been curating small-scale discursive and performative events around Arts and Politics.

MARCO BALESTEROS is a graphic designer and editor. Balesteros has Master in Design and Typography by the Werkplaats Typografie, ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem—NL, 2009. Balesteros is founder of Letra, a Graphic Design studio based at Lisbon’s downtown. His work deals with a variety of formats, mediums and approaches, always with a strong relation with contemporary art, literature and cinema. Simultaneously with studio work, Balesteros develops editorial and educational projects related with publishing and education through art. He also runs Random Press in partnership with Michael Satter and Sandra Doeller, a publishing house that coexists between Lisbon and Frankfurt, that aims to serve as a platform for irregular experiences in publishing, production and the distribution of content.




MARTA LANÇA Lisbon (1976). Postgraduate in Portuguese Literature at FCSH – University Nova de Lisboa. Free-lancer: journalist, translator, editor and producer. She created and edited the V-Ludo magazine (2000-01), wrote several articles for portuguese publications (Público, DN, Le Monde Diplomatique and magazine LER). Since 2004 Marta has been dedicated to culture in Africa: she lived in Cape Verde (to create and editiing cultural magazine Dá Fala, support by Gulbenkian and IPAD-2004/5), in Angola where she teached at the Agostinho Neto University, collaborated with the Triennial of Luanda, Luanda Film Festival, and still  works as journalist and researcher, in Mozambique (Dockanema 2009, Inov-art program). She’s was living for 6 months in Rio de Janeiro, to consolidate BUALA african contemporary culture website, in which she’s the editor (since 2010). She curated the meeting Roça Língua, portuguese speaking writers, S.Tomé e Príncipe (2011). Cultural programming of Zona Franca and documentary production in África.

MATT PETERSON  is an archivist, curator, filmmaker, and writer based in New York City. He is a part of the 16 Beaver Group, organizes with Strike Everywhere, and participates in the reading group Our Lives Are Not Negotiable. He was formerly a member of the collective Red Channels, and Assistant Editor of Evergreen Review. His film and video work, including those produced collectively with Red Channels, have screened at arts centers, bookstores, cinemas, community gardens, conferences, convents, cultural centers, galleries, lofts, microcinemas, museums, online, public-access television, social centers, squats, theaters, and universities throughout North America and Europe.

NUNO LEÃO is a graduate student in contemporary political philosophy at Universidade de Lisboa.


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